Sunday, October 23, 2011


It was a nice day today being able to talk to two of my beautiful daughters.  Allie is so cute and apparently has eased right into married life.  I'm happy for her and I hope Chad and her will be able to make ends meet.  Thank you Allie for calling and making us laugh.  Sorry the kitties didn't thank you in person for the cat food. I can still see in my mind Chad waiting outside in the cold and dark hoping for them to come back and eat the food.  How sweet!

My other beautiful daughter was honest with me and and let me into her world for a moment.  I'm sorry she is going through a lot of hurt and a lot of excitements at the same time.  Growing up is hard! In so many ways, I am very proud of her.  I hope she can always believe that I love her and if she would include me in her life, I'd promise to try to understand and sympathize with her.

My oldest daughter who lives close by is so good at making sure I'm always okay and happy.  When I'm not, she makes sure I am.  Grateful to have her close by and close to my heart.

Photos- Allie you know I don't take the pictures in this household.  Everyone else does and I tend to just let everyone else do that.  What could I post that would give you a glimpse of myself?  hmmmm

I chose this picture because it has been my beautiful girls this past week that has brought me warmth, love and joy.  Beauty is not only in looks but in who you are and how you make others feel.  My girls are Beautiful!

With that same thought.  My happiest moment is when we are all together and enjoy each other.  I had so much fun in September at Allie and Chad's wedding and having EVERYONE there.  Thank you for making me so happy my dear family.

AND thank you to so many friends who support, encourage and love us with kind remarks via in person or facebook at times of sadness and great accomplishments!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Sorry Allie.  I can't write today, because I am dealing with a teenager that thinks life isn't fair and that I haven't been fair and I'm a rotten mother who holds the sins of the older children against her.  Go figure that!  The girl has been spoiled rotten and it is MY fault.  Although I put the blame on your dad because he says so.  So where do I go from here?  I have no desire or interest in promoting Jenna and her aspirations, because she really doesn't do it by her own self.  She gets ALOT of help from me.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

so I'm blogging now?

thank you to my wonderful daugter Allie who set up this blog for me.  I guess it maybe like journaling.  I'm not on my computer much but I will give this a try so those who are interested with whats up may know.  So... tomorrow I'll start writing.